About Us


Our Mission

Identify, adopt and master the technologies that can make a difference to the customers in terms of durable, quality and dependable products.


To understand our best technology, we welcome you to visit Zeus Ortho Care state-of-the-art production facility located in Kalol, Gujarat, India. The manufacturing unit is integrated and backed by a diligent workforce of engineers, designers, quality analysts, research staff, supervisors, and marketing executives, amongst others. The facility abides by the Indian Labour Act & strictly prohibits child labour. Our machinery includes 4&5-axis VMC Machines, Turning Centers, Laser Marking , Electro Polishing , Anodizing , Mass Polishing machine , and many other latest machines. There is a special research department, equipped with sophisticated technology, which constantly looks out for innovative ideas to make our products a frontrunner in the global market.
At all stages of design, production and product are continuously supervised by certification authorities, Food & Drugs Act – India, our clients and internal auditing team. We work with respected medical professionals to advance meaningful innovation, reduce health-care costs and improve people’s lives.

Meet the team

Dedicated, diverse and professional, our team bring expertise from a wide range of areas. World-class research and development specialists work with surgeons to devise effective, affordable and ethical products to suit both distributors and independent clients